Not sure what type of Karate is right for you? See what parents and students are saying about Shotokan Karate-Do Association:

Shotokan Karate-Do Association and Sensei McDonough have had a huge positive impact on our family. Our boys have been training with Sensei McDonough for over five years with remarkable results and significant improvement in their coordination, balance, strength, endurance, focus and discipline. Our boys are a part of the Dojo’s competition team and have had the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally with Sensei McDonough to compete. Through Sensei McDonough’s coaching, encouragement and support, they have developed a line-long passion for the art and sport of karate.
-Allen & Tracy T., Dove Canyon

Our boys had wanted to participate in Karate for a long time. We asked around and investigated some of the local martial arts facilities. We are glad we took our time because we know we found the best with Sensei McDonough. He is not only a gifted teacher, but our boys look up to him as well. Sensei, with energy and enthusiasm, teaches his students the ethics of hard work and discipline.Karate has been a source of pride and increased self esteem for our boys. They have learned skills such as; hand-eye coordination, agility and focus, which have helped them to do better in their other sports. We recommend Shotokan Karate-Do and Sensei McDonough without hesitation.
Janet D., Mission Viejo

Sensei you have been a really big blessing to me and my family. You have been a role model for me. You have taught me discipline, patience, self control, respect and focus through karate. You have inspired me so so so so much.
Aldo R., Rancho Santa Margarita

Picking the right martial arts for your child can be intimidating as well as misleading. Our primary focus was to find a martial art that we felt would become a part our children’s daily life. One that would enhance their entire being to create good moral character; to teach self-discipline, to learn self defense (when to use it, and not), and mainly a martial art that would benefit them more than just by learning to be aggressive little kids who can punch and kick through wood or look like little mini Bruce Lee’s.

A main factor was finding one that didn’t rush the process of development. One they can grow with at a comfortable pace. Two years ago, we felt that our children were not old enough to start, but were not precisely sure of when the best age to begin martial arts was. We were afraid they might be too young to understand the commitment involved. Upon visiting several different schools, from Taekwondo, Kung Fu and even other Karate Dojo’s, other instructors were so pushy and just wanted us to “Start and See”, except Sensei McDonough. Understanding our view, he agreed that one of our sons might be too young. Unlike the pressure we received from other Dojo’s to enroll for a “trial month”, we were appreciative of his honesty and decided to wait another year. Thankfully, we are very pleased we did.

Making the decision on Shotokan Karate-Do Association in RSM a year later was the best decision for our family. The personal time of taking our kids everyday to practice as well as the financial commitment to the Dojo is nothing compared to the rewarding experience our three children have already attained. Without appearing biased, when considering a martial arts Dojo for your child, we feel that the decision should not be measured by how many members they have enrolled, or how tough each child looks, or by how many “black belts” they have produced, but by how many children look up to their Sensei and have the desire to stay with the Dojo for the coming years. Seeing all the teenage senior students who continually show dedication, maturity and qualities of leadership as well as noticing they have been part of this Dojo for 4+ years, just reinforces our focus on why we could not be happier with any Dojo other than Shotokan Karate-Do Association of RSM.
J.R. & Desiree R., Rancho Santa Margarita

Sensei you have taught me to have focus, selft control and discipline. You bring respect to me and my family. I love you as my Sensei because self defense is something everyone should learn.
William V., Coto de Caza

“We are proud to have both of our boys at the dojo. We have seen their confidence and discipline rise dramatically. Sensei McDonough is a talented and caring teacher who is obviously devoted to both his students and his craft.”
Michael F., Irvine